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Cleaning Chemical Supplies

High standards of cleanliness enhance your hotel, restaurant or cafes image and add real value to your business.

A proven range of products and "safe to use" chemicals and ergonomically designed utensils and machines are a necessary part of the housekeeping programme and will help your staff.
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Featured Cleaning Chemicals
Selected products from our catalogue of Cleaning Chemicals products.  Click on a picture for more information:
Prochem Odour Fresh : Cleaning Chemicals
Prochem Odour Fresh

Evans LSP Multi Surface Cleaner : Cleaning Chemicals
Evans LSP Multi Surface Cleaner

Evans Everfresh Toilet Cleaner : Cleaning Chemicals
Evans Everfresh Toilet Cleaner

Evans Enhance Ultra Floor Polish : Cleaning Chemicals
Evans Enhance Ultra Floor Polish

Evans Florazol Deo & Disinfectant : Cleaning Chemicals
Evans Florazol Deo & Disinfectant

Evans Laundry Liquid Search : Cleaning Chemicals
Evans Laundry Liquid Search


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